Sunday, August 14, 2011

More Goodies for the Americana Fans...

Handpainted & Prim'd 1776 Wall Hanging Sign  $6.00
Handpainted & Prim'd Americana Wall Hanging Sign  $6.00
( These signs are not the small ones )!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


All American Baseball Wall Hanging Sign  $5.00
This sign is a great sign to hang or sit on a shelf displaying with your little ones Baseball Trophies and Awards.  Cute little sign! Handpainted!
Handpainted and Prim'd Wall Shelf  $5.00
This shelf looks really good displayed with Prim Jars on it.  The shelf is Barn Brown with Mustard Colored Stars on the front.  The Stars are not painted onto the shelf,  they are actually cut from thick wood and adhered to the sign itself. 

Handpainted & Prim FAMILY Sign $4.00
Rusty Metal Fruit & Pip Berry Pail Arrangement $ 6.00
Large The Blessings of FAMILY wall hanging sign $10.00

Large Country Store Prim'd Sign $9.00

Large Handpainted Snowman Prim'd Berry/Candle Box $10.00 Prim'd & Handpainted Merry Christmas Sign $4.00
Prim'd & Handpainted FRIENDS sign w/ Hearts $6.00
Prim'd & Stained Fabric shelf hanging Hearts $4.00 set/2
The HONEY,  JELLY and JAM set is already SOLD!
Prim'd HEART shelf is already SOLD!

Prim'd & Handpainted Sit*Relax*Gossip Sign $5.00

Prim'd & Handpainted "Love Lives Here" Sign $5.00

Prim'd & Handpainted "HOME Our Little Piece Of Heaven" Sign $5.00

Prim'd & Handpainted "Blessings" Sign $4.00

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Large Handmade-Handpainted Primitive Window Frame Shutter Shelf
This shelf is made with mostly recycled wood.  The base of this shelf is made to resemble an old window frame,  and then shutter pieces added to the outsides.  This shelf has a really nice ledge on the top and the bottom of the shelf for displaying other decor.  Wooden cut-out stars have been added to the shutter pieces,  and the inside frame has a curtain piece that hangs by wire.  You can leave the curtain in place as it is,  or you can pull it to the side.  The curtain can even be removed,  in case you would like to do so.  The shutters on the shelf do not open and close,  they have been put in place to stay just as you see in the picture.  This is really nice and prim'd,  and even the wood has taken its own shape.  The shutters have a very slight warping to them,  and makes them look really old.  This shelf is a large one.  See pic below:  $ 25.00

The Primitive Bathroom signs are for sale in an earlier post. The large one that says "COUNTRY BATH"  is $7.00 and the smaller one that says "BATH" is $4.00.
Tobacco Stick Stars with Pip Berry are already SOLD!
Primitive Handmade & Handpainted Wooden Outhouse
This Outhouse is made from wood,  and has a hollow interior.  The door on this can be left on or can be removed from the outhouse.  There is a hanging sign that hangs by jute from each top side of the outhouse,  and it says "Outhouse".  A wooden mustard colored star,  is glued onto the center of the outhouse.  The door frame on this,  is made from real twigs.  Looks great in any bathroom.  I used this to hide my standard toothbrush holder,  that sat on the sink. This is a pretty tall outhouse,  look at the height compared to the full size mason jar that sits beside it. $ 6.00
Primitive Handmade & Handpainted Outhouse Sign
This outhouse sign is a really nice piece.  The colors are in burgundy and Buckwheat.  This sign is so cute with the burgundy thread looking stitches across the top and bottom.  The jute hanger goes along great with this sign.  A must have for "Country Bathrooms"! $ 4.00

Handpainted & Handmade FAMILY Sign
This sign is so pretty and simple.  This sign is painted in Tan and Burgundy.  The jute hanger also looks great with this,  or it can be sat on a shelf too.  $ 4.50
Handmade & Handpainted Wooden White Candle Tray
This Candle Tray is painted in a buttermilk color,  and nice and prim'd.  The under-coat of black is starting to show through in certain areas,  as if it's from wear and tear.  Really nice Candle Tray,  or can be used as a wall shelf also.  A must have for primitive decor! Close-up pic below:  $ 6.00

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Other Primitive Blog

Don't forget to check out my other primitive blog,  where I love to show off my new projects.  I also love to share with others what I may find interesting from different blogs.  So don't forget to check it out!  Here's the link:

A Primitive Place~Tammy is having a great giveaway...

A Primitive Place~Tammy,  is having an awesome giveaway for a burlap flag painted pillow.  This is really an awesome piece.  Go check this out,  and see if you can win the pillow for yourself.  Just click on this link:
Check her blog out while your there.  Really good blog to read and follow if you have the same love for prims as I do.


 Primitive Handpainted Black Candle and Crow Wall Plaque
 This plaque is handpainted black with a black crow outlined in a mustard color  in the center.  The candles are grubby spiced candles,  and each candle is a different design.  The candles are held on with Jute and the plaque hangs by a piece of Jute also.  $ 7.00
 (These candles are for decoration purposes only!  Do not burn these candles!)
Primitive-By Hearth & Candle Light Sign
This sign is Handpainted Mossy/Sage Green,  and the lettering is done in an Antique Cupboard color.  The sign is so primitive.  In spots the Mossy/Sage Green color is wearing,  and the black coat from underneath is starting to show through.  This sign hangs by a piece of Jute.  This sign is so primitively beautiful,   and looks great with a fireplace.  $ 7.00

Kindness Matters-Primitive Sign
This is a large handpainted primitive sign,  that is a color combination of Buttermilk and Creamed Coffee.  The raggedy dolls are handpainted on with Burgundy and Wood Shed Brown.  The sign is prim and wearing.  This sign is so beautiful and large.  Looks really good displayed on the mantel of a fireplace along with Raggedy Dolls. Can also be hung on the wall,  a Jute hanger is attached also. $ 14.00

Black Bear Bed & Breakfast Sign
This sign is handpainted in the colors of Creamy Cupboard and Primitive Black.  The bear in the center is actually cut from wood,  and nailed onto the sign.  This sign is uniquely shaped,  and looks great hanging on a wall or sitting on a mantel.  This sign is very nice and thick,  constructed of heavy wood. $ 10.00
Ceramic Black Milk/Cream Can
This is handpainted black and looks great sitting on a shelf or somewhere in the kitchen.  $ 4.00
Ceramic Black Bowl and Pitcher
This piece is handpainted black and looks great sitting on a shelf or displayed in a bathroom.  This is one solid piece,  the two pieces are permanently attached to each other. $ 4.00

 Primitive BATH Sign
 This cute little BATH sign is in the colors of Buttermilk and Burgundy.  The sign is prim and wearing,  and   looks great sitting on a shelf.  This can also be hung by using the Jute hanger. $ 4.00
Grubby & Grungy Votive Candles
The votives you see here,  are just a few of the votives that I have to offer.  Each votive can come tied off with either Jute or Homespun,  at no extra charge.  If you prefer,  they can come bare without Jute or Homespun. I will be posting close-up pics,  so you can really see them.  They are available in Grungy-Spice
Rolled,  Grubby-Clumped,  Multi-Color Dipped and many more ways.  They are sold by packs of 6,  and you can mix & match them. $ 6.00

  Primitive COUNTRY BATH Sign
 This sign is handpainted in the colors of Buttermilk and Burgundy.  This sign is nicely prim'd and wearing.  Looks great sitting on a shelf or hanging by a Jute hanger. (This sign is alot larger than the other BATH sign listed,  and they look great displayed in the same bathroom!) $ 7.00

Large Primitive Lodge Sign
This sign is pretty big in size,  and heavy also.  The sign is handpainted in the colors of Creamed Coffee,  Hunter Brown and Black.  The big buck head is not painted onto the sign.  It is cut from a piece of wood,  then nailed to the sign and painted.  This sign has a hanger on each end of the sign to support the weight of it.  I can make these signs Custom Ordered to match your last name.  And if your lucky enough to have LUTTRELL as a last name,  then I already have one made up for you :)  $ 20.00
These are really,  really nice!  Must see to believe!
The mirrored shutter shelf is not for sale!

Cinnamon Iced Carrot Cake Candle
This Carrot Cake Candle is a very nice piece to display in your home.  The candle itself is made with recycled candle,  paint and cinnamon.  This candle looks like a slice of juicy carrot cake,  and is tied off with a piece of matching homespun.  The candle has a hang tag,  that is tied to the homespun with jute. The hang tag is cut from wood,  handpainted and sanded.  This tag is alot better than the paper tags,  for wood will last a whole lot longer.  The hang tag says: Cinnamon Iced Carrot Cake and has a carrot drawed below the writing.  (THIS CANDLE IS FOR DECORATION PURPOSES ONLY!  DO NOT TRY TO BURN THIS CANDLE!  IT MAY CATCH ON FIRE,  IF LIT!)  $ 5.00
The 3-Bulb Star Lamp is listed for sale in an earlier picture!
Round Glass Star Candle Holder
This candle holder has Hunter Brown colored stars painted around the entire vase.  The vase itself is painted in a Creamy Coffee color,  and has a string of Jute connected all the way around the neck of the jar.  Looks very nice sitting on a shelf or coffee table. $ 5.00

  Primitive Pear Wall Plaques
 These pears are cut from wood,  and covered with a nice prim'd fabric.  The fabric is between a gold and a brown color,  and has a nice pattern to it.  The stems were broken from a twig wreath,  and inserted into the top of the fabric. These look great,  I have a set in my kitchen!  These look awesome hanging on the wall or displayed on a shelf.  Close-Up Pics below:  $ 5.00 set/3


Each plaque will have a hanger made from Jute.

The price is for the wall plaque pictured here.  These are available in any size you desire.  The price will vary,  based on the size of the wall plaque that you need.  Let me know what size you need,  and I will get back with you on the price. 
Each price listed is for the item itself,  shipping is seperate.  I will always ship items at the lowest rates possible,  and will never charge a penny more than the shipping.  I do not charge handling fees!

 Handpainted-Old Glory Wooden Wall Plaque $4.00
 Americana Moon-Star-and Heart cloth hanging $3.50
 Handpainted & Prim-Americana Wooden Wall Plaque $6.00
 The grubby cake candle in the basket is SOLD!
Handpainted & Prim-Americana Wooden Wall Plaque with the word Liberty written across it. $ 4.00
3-Bulb Primitive Lamp-partially handpainted with Jute and Homespun Bows added. (You can exchange these bulbs,  and make it look even better by using silicone dipped bulbs) $ 10.00

 Smaller of the two Handpainted & Prim Americana Wooden Wall Plaque $ 5.00 (The larger plaque is listed above at $6.00)
Pair of Grubby Taper Candles tied together with homespun $ 5.00
Large Grubby Pillar Candle tied off with Homespun and a Wax Primitive Star tied off with Jute (Candle plate not included) $ 6.00
(These candles are unscented and for decoration purposes only-do not light these candles!)

 These jars are all Handpainted & Decorated.  These jars make beautiful shelf sitters and tea-light holders.  Close-up pics below:

This jar is covered with Mod Podge and Spices.  Lid is handpainted a Burgundy color and is tied off with Jute,  Homespun & a mustard colored wooden star.  Label is handmade and slightly tea-stained.  This jar is a larger Square type Mason Jar with rounded off edges. $7.00
1864-SUGAR-Civil War Issued
This jar is a covered with Mod Podge and Spices Mason Jar.  The lid is covered with handmade primitive stained fabric that is tied off with Jute.  The label is handmade out of the same stained fabric,  and the writing is handpainted onto the fabric.  $ 5.00 

Olde Crow Farm-Apple Butter
This is a shorter but chunkier sized jar.  Handpainted Black with special stained fabric label.  The lid is covered in stained fabric and tied off with jute.  The fabric on the lid,  has a small burgundy color around it.  The label is from the same stained fabric,  and has a crow cut out in the center. The label is outlined with the same small burgundy strip,  and the writing is handpainted onto the label. $ 5.00
The 3-Stars Jar
This jar is handpainted in buttermilk color.  There are 3-stars handpainted and outlined onto the front side of the jar.  The jar is splattered with the matching colors from the stars.  The lid is painted a mustard color and is tied off with a piece of Homespun.  The bottom rim of the jar is outlined with a handpainted pip berry design.  This is a Mason Jar. $ 5.00

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pictures of Primitives and Home Decor...

I just wanted to let everyone know whats going on with this new selling blog.  I have taken alot of pictures of the stuff that I have to sell.  Just getting everything in order,  and ready to download to my blog.  Some pics will be added tonight,  and a whole lot more is to be added tomorrow.  So drop back in tomorrow,  and take a look around.  I hope you like what you see.  If I can help you with anything,  then just let me know.
Goodnight and God Bless:)  

Monday, July 11, 2011

Primitive and Rustic Home Decor!

Are you looking for something special to display and make part of your home?  That piece that just seems to make everything about your home so warm and cozy.  If this is you,  then your definitely in the right place.  I have something on the list for everyone.  I take alot of pride in my work,  and alot of hard work goes into my crafts.  I would never try to pass something on to someone else,  that I wouldn't display in my own home.  With that being said,  I think you will be very satisfied with my work.  Take a look around and if you see something you like,  just let me know.  If something needs to be shipped,  then we can do it.  I will never charge an extra penny for shipping,  and will always ship at the lowest rates possible.  If you happen to live in a reasonable distance from me,  then we will work out a pick-up deal.  
NOTE:  All of my items are handmade and no two single pieces will be exact.  Even though every effort is taken to make the items identical;  anything handmade and not machine made,  will differ slightly.  The slight differance in the items are barely noticeable. To me,  thats what makes it so special.  These things are uniquely beautiful and they remind me of a much simpler time.  They will look beautiful in any home.  
I hate to be so blunt,  but primitive and rustic mean just that.  Primitive and Rustic.  It doesn't mean shiny and new.
I will describe every item to the best of my ability,  so you know exactly what your getting.       
Thanks everyone for stopping by.  Have a blessed day!