Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Each plaque will have a hanger made from Jute.

The price is for the wall plaque pictured here.  These are available in any size you desire.  The price will vary,  based on the size of the wall plaque that you need.  Let me know what size you need,  and I will get back with you on the price. 
Each price listed is for the item itself,  shipping is seperate.  I will always ship items at the lowest rates possible,  and will never charge a penny more than the shipping.  I do not charge handling fees!

 Handpainted-Old Glory Wooden Wall Plaque $4.00
 Americana Moon-Star-and Heart cloth hanging $3.50
 Handpainted & Prim-Americana Wooden Wall Plaque $6.00
 The grubby cake candle in the basket is SOLD!
Handpainted & Prim-Americana Wooden Wall Plaque with the word Liberty written across it. $ 4.00
3-Bulb Primitive Lamp-partially handpainted with Jute and Homespun Bows added. (You can exchange these bulbs,  and make it look even better by using silicone dipped bulbs) $ 10.00

 Smaller of the two Handpainted & Prim Americana Wooden Wall Plaque $ 5.00 (The larger plaque is listed above at $6.00)
Pair of Grubby Taper Candles tied together with homespun $ 5.00
Large Grubby Pillar Candle tied off with Homespun and a Wax Primitive Star tied off with Jute (Candle plate not included) $ 6.00
(These candles are unscented and for decoration purposes only-do not light these candles!)

 These jars are all Handpainted & Decorated.  These jars make beautiful shelf sitters and tea-light holders.  Close-up pics below:

This jar is covered with Mod Podge and Spices.  Lid is handpainted a Burgundy color and is tied off with Jute,  Homespun & a mustard colored wooden star.  Label is handmade and slightly tea-stained.  This jar is a larger Square type Mason Jar with rounded off edges. $7.00
1864-SUGAR-Civil War Issued
This jar is a covered with Mod Podge and Spices Mason Jar.  The lid is covered with handmade primitive stained fabric that is tied off with Jute.  The label is handmade out of the same stained fabric,  and the writing is handpainted onto the fabric.  $ 5.00 

Olde Crow Farm-Apple Butter
This is a shorter but chunkier sized jar.  Handpainted Black with special stained fabric label.  The lid is covered in stained fabric and tied off with jute.  The fabric on the lid,  has a small burgundy color around it.  The label is from the same stained fabric,  and has a crow cut out in the center. The label is outlined with the same small burgundy strip,  and the writing is handpainted onto the label. $ 5.00
The 3-Stars Jar
This jar is handpainted in buttermilk color.  There are 3-stars handpainted and outlined onto the front side of the jar.  The jar is splattered with the matching colors from the stars.  The lid is painted a mustard color and is tied off with a piece of Homespun.  The bottom rim of the jar is outlined with a handpainted pip berry design.  This is a Mason Jar. $ 5.00

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