Wednesday, July 20, 2011


 Primitive Handpainted Black Candle and Crow Wall Plaque
 This plaque is handpainted black with a black crow outlined in a mustard color  in the center.  The candles are grubby spiced candles,  and each candle is a different design.  The candles are held on with Jute and the plaque hangs by a piece of Jute also.  $ 7.00
 (These candles are for decoration purposes only!  Do not burn these candles!)
Primitive-By Hearth & Candle Light Sign
This sign is Handpainted Mossy/Sage Green,  and the lettering is done in an Antique Cupboard color.  The sign is so primitive.  In spots the Mossy/Sage Green color is wearing,  and the black coat from underneath is starting to show through.  This sign hangs by a piece of Jute.  This sign is so primitively beautiful,   and looks great with a fireplace.  $ 7.00

Kindness Matters-Primitive Sign
This is a large handpainted primitive sign,  that is a color combination of Buttermilk and Creamed Coffee.  The raggedy dolls are handpainted on with Burgundy and Wood Shed Brown.  The sign is prim and wearing.  This sign is so beautiful and large.  Looks really good displayed on the mantel of a fireplace along with Raggedy Dolls. Can also be hung on the wall,  a Jute hanger is attached also. $ 14.00

Black Bear Bed & Breakfast Sign
This sign is handpainted in the colors of Creamy Cupboard and Primitive Black.  The bear in the center is actually cut from wood,  and nailed onto the sign.  This sign is uniquely shaped,  and looks great hanging on a wall or sitting on a mantel.  This sign is very nice and thick,  constructed of heavy wood. $ 10.00
Ceramic Black Milk/Cream Can
This is handpainted black and looks great sitting on a shelf or somewhere in the kitchen.  $ 4.00
Ceramic Black Bowl and Pitcher
This piece is handpainted black and looks great sitting on a shelf or displayed in a bathroom.  This is one solid piece,  the two pieces are permanently attached to each other. $ 4.00

 Primitive BATH Sign
 This cute little BATH sign is in the colors of Buttermilk and Burgundy.  The sign is prim and wearing,  and   looks great sitting on a shelf.  This can also be hung by using the Jute hanger. $ 4.00
Grubby & Grungy Votive Candles
The votives you see here,  are just a few of the votives that I have to offer.  Each votive can come tied off with either Jute or Homespun,  at no extra charge.  If you prefer,  they can come bare without Jute or Homespun. I will be posting close-up pics,  so you can really see them.  They are available in Grungy-Spice
Rolled,  Grubby-Clumped,  Multi-Color Dipped and many more ways.  They are sold by packs of 6,  and you can mix & match them. $ 6.00

  Primitive COUNTRY BATH Sign
 This sign is handpainted in the colors of Buttermilk and Burgundy.  This sign is nicely prim'd and wearing.  Looks great sitting on a shelf or hanging by a Jute hanger. (This sign is alot larger than the other BATH sign listed,  and they look great displayed in the same bathroom!) $ 7.00

Large Primitive Lodge Sign
This sign is pretty big in size,  and heavy also.  The sign is handpainted in the colors of Creamed Coffee,  Hunter Brown and Black.  The big buck head is not painted onto the sign.  It is cut from a piece of wood,  then nailed to the sign and painted.  This sign has a hanger on each end of the sign to support the weight of it.  I can make these signs Custom Ordered to match your last name.  And if your lucky enough to have LUTTRELL as a last name,  then I already have one made up for you :)  $ 20.00
These are really,  really nice!  Must see to believe!
The mirrored shutter shelf is not for sale!

Cinnamon Iced Carrot Cake Candle
This Carrot Cake Candle is a very nice piece to display in your home.  The candle itself is made with recycled candle,  paint and cinnamon.  This candle looks like a slice of juicy carrot cake,  and is tied off with a piece of matching homespun.  The candle has a hang tag,  that is tied to the homespun with jute. The hang tag is cut from wood,  handpainted and sanded.  This tag is alot better than the paper tags,  for wood will last a whole lot longer.  The hang tag says: Cinnamon Iced Carrot Cake and has a carrot drawed below the writing.  (THIS CANDLE IS FOR DECORATION PURPOSES ONLY!  DO NOT TRY TO BURN THIS CANDLE!  IT MAY CATCH ON FIRE,  IF LIT!)  $ 5.00
The 3-Bulb Star Lamp is listed for sale in an earlier picture!
Round Glass Star Candle Holder
This candle holder has Hunter Brown colored stars painted around the entire vase.  The vase itself is painted in a Creamy Coffee color,  and has a string of Jute connected all the way around the neck of the jar.  Looks very nice sitting on a shelf or coffee table. $ 5.00

  Primitive Pear Wall Plaques
 These pears are cut from wood,  and covered with a nice prim'd fabric.  The fabric is between a gold and a brown color,  and has a nice pattern to it.  The stems were broken from a twig wreath,  and inserted into the top of the fabric. These look great,  I have a set in my kitchen!  These look awesome hanging on the wall or displayed on a shelf.  Close-Up Pics below:  $ 5.00 set/3

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