Thursday, July 21, 2011


Large Handmade-Handpainted Primitive Window Frame Shutter Shelf
This shelf is made with mostly recycled wood.  The base of this shelf is made to resemble an old window frame,  and then shutter pieces added to the outsides.  This shelf has a really nice ledge on the top and the bottom of the shelf for displaying other decor.  Wooden cut-out stars have been added to the shutter pieces,  and the inside frame has a curtain piece that hangs by wire.  You can leave the curtain in place as it is,  or you can pull it to the side.  The curtain can even be removed,  in case you would like to do so.  The shutters on the shelf do not open and close,  they have been put in place to stay just as you see in the picture.  This is really nice and prim'd,  and even the wood has taken its own shape.  The shutters have a very slight warping to them,  and makes them look really old.  This shelf is a large one.  See pic below:  $ 25.00

The Primitive Bathroom signs are for sale in an earlier post. The large one that says "COUNTRY BATH"  is $7.00 and the smaller one that says "BATH" is $4.00.
Tobacco Stick Stars with Pip Berry are already SOLD!
Primitive Handmade & Handpainted Wooden Outhouse
This Outhouse is made from wood,  and has a hollow interior.  The door on this can be left on or can be removed from the outhouse.  There is a hanging sign that hangs by jute from each top side of the outhouse,  and it says "Outhouse".  A wooden mustard colored star,  is glued onto the center of the outhouse.  The door frame on this,  is made from real twigs.  Looks great in any bathroom.  I used this to hide my standard toothbrush holder,  that sat on the sink. This is a pretty tall outhouse,  look at the height compared to the full size mason jar that sits beside it. $ 6.00
Primitive Handmade & Handpainted Outhouse Sign
This outhouse sign is a really nice piece.  The colors are in burgundy and Buckwheat.  This sign is so cute with the burgundy thread looking stitches across the top and bottom.  The jute hanger goes along great with this sign.  A must have for "Country Bathrooms"! $ 4.00

Handpainted & Handmade FAMILY Sign
This sign is so pretty and simple.  This sign is painted in Tan and Burgundy.  The jute hanger also looks great with this,  or it can be sat on a shelf too.  $ 4.50
Handmade & Handpainted Wooden White Candle Tray
This Candle Tray is painted in a buttermilk color,  and nice and prim'd.  The under-coat of black is starting to show through in certain areas,  as if it's from wear and tear.  Really nice Candle Tray,  or can be used as a wall shelf also.  A must have for primitive decor! Close-up pic below:  $ 6.00

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